Report: Treon Harris May Have Been Falsely Accused Of Rape Over Cheating

Treon Harris

There is an update regarding Florida QB Treon Harris and his sexual assault investigation.

Here is what a “source” is telling Daniel Gillman of ESPN 850.

SourcesIf this is indeed true, Harris shouldn’t be charged, however, the issue lies in the hands of proper authorities and until more information is available, assumptions shouldn’t be made.

10 Comments on “Report: Treon Harris May Have Been Falsely Accused Of Rape Over Cheating”

  1. yes, they need to arrest all these ladies that are lying and saying that these athletes raped or sexually assaulted them. something really needs to be done!

  2. Rape isn’t funny. And if she lied she needs to be in jail. This is insult to all rape victims when someone yell rape. Shame on her.

  3. It’s obvious that Uf doesn’t want a black QB to start it never has been a black QB to start at Florida and if it has been it was due by injury of another QB If anything florida needs to stop recruiting black QB so that they have a shot to get in the NFL… This thing about this sexual assault i believe it just a big blowed up lie to keep Treon Harris from over come Jeff Driskel… If florida going to have any chance of winning is to bench Driskel and Will Muschamp knows that… There is no excuse for this sexual assault investigation against Treon Harris… It just happens to come up after he leads gators to a victory Saturday night against Tennessee

  4. Chris please crawl back under a rock (troll). As a former student at UF and current resident of Gainesville I can assure you that no one cares what color skin the QB or head coach is. I have heard many people locally hoping that we can some how steal Charlie Strong or Kevin Sumlin away from there respective schools. UF fans and students want points and lots of them even if our QB is green. We miss the Spurrier days of hanging 45 or 50 points on good teams that is all. Do a little research UF fans have been calling for Treon since Jeff took his first snap of the year.

  5. What are you talking about, who do you think started for UF last year when Driskel was out with a broken leg? Take your racism elsewhere. Idiot

    Tyler Murphy.

  6. You do realize Florida’s second all time leading passer, 4 year starter, and champion Chris Leak is black right?

  7. Seriously, racial conspiracy!

    First let’s hope that this is not what we are being lead to believe for all involved.

    Secondly, Don Gaffney, QB, University of Florida, check your facts!!!!!

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