Reddit Survey Show Which College Football Programs Are Most Hated

college football

First, I googled “most hated college football team” and the first 3 pictures are EXACTLY what I’d imagine they would be. With the upcoming college football season approaching, Reddit did a survey to see which team would take the top spot.

Soooo wait. It’s HIGHLY unlikely Ohio State doesn’t have a bigger percentage on that map. And is Michigan seriously hated in that many parts of the country? Michigan is hated in Nevada AND Maine? And wait, Texas is the most hated school in TEXAS? (Obvi Johnny Football and Aggie fever must’ve thrown off the numbers)

We have questions Reddit. I need some back story.

I know one school that isn’t on the list, and since I’m supposed to be unbiased, I’ll keep that to myself. ::coughwearecough:: So I’m a happy camper.

But seriously Reddit, we need some answers.

so many questions gif

So am I Channing…..

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