Report: Florida To Pursue Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington RedskinsChip Kelly has made some strong changes for the Eagles. Might college ball be calling his heart again?

Many thought that when Chip Kelly would be the head coach for the Eagles, it was going to be bad. The whole “he isn’t going to be able to transfer to the professional level” is such a tiring topic but alas, here is Chip Kelly. His Eagles are at the top of the NFC East and chances are, they’ll clinch. However, Florida feels differently. According to Mark Farezetta, they might be phoning him real soon.

“According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley will contact Eagles head coach Chip Kelly as early as Tuesday of this week to “kick the tires” on Kelly’s interest in returning to the college scene.
The source went on to say, “Foley does not plan to officially interview Kelly yet, but will simply gauge Kelly’s interest and make his first pitch.”
Kelly’s name has been brought up before with other college coaching vacancies, but this source actually had the AD ready for action with a timeline.”

Now, Kelly did say he wouldn’t return to college ball but his sanctions that violated the NCAA expire on Christmas Day. Who knows what’ll happen.


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