‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Says Jon Snow “Is Dead” (Video)

Maisie Williams kills our dreams on the red carpet at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards.

She may play one of my favorite characters (Arya Stark) but this next statement straight up may put her in the same category as the Sand Snakes. Grr!

Williams was asked how many reporters have asked about Jon Snow’s fate where she quickly shut down any hope or claims to the Lord Commander’s return.

“You’re the first. And the answer is no, he’s dead. Sorry.” And quickly added, “The interview that you’ve all read that Kit spoiled it is fabricated and it was totally false.” – Maisie Williams

Williams of course is referring to Kit Harington’s previous interview with a Belgian Magazine, Humo where he alludes to Jon Snow’s return.

She was a little too happy to deliver the bad news but still I have my doubts that she is reliable at all. Watch for yourselves.

They’ll do whatever it takes to throw us off but we know the truth!

I stand with Kit!

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