Kit Harington Spotted Filming Scenes With Melisandre Actress (Photos)


Seriously? Did they really think they could escape us?

Today, Friday, September 25th, 2015 Kit Harington was spotted (AGAIN!) at Belfast dressed in costume however his outfit is not his usual black attire worn from a man of the Night’s Watch… his vows did end upon his “death.”

Not only was he filming a scene evidently, but who’s under that umbrella? Oh, Yes! It is no other than Carice van Houten, aka the Red (freaking!) Priestess, Melisandre!

Earlier this week at the Emmys, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) confirmed that Jon Snow is dead, going as far as claiming that the interview where Kit Harington slips up was a complete fabrication.

However, he looks pretty alive in these photos snapped before the Game of Thrones set. New eyewitness reports from the Belfast set have spotted Kit Harington and Melisandre actress Carice Van Houten together. If all goes as planned, Melisandre brings Jon Snow back from the dead using her powers bestowed to her by the Lord of Light.

Or this may just be a flashback of sorts which it very well can be considering this looks much like the Winterfell garb Jon sported back in Season 1. But what would Melisandre be doing near by?

Though “all men must die,” this man must live!

Come on season 6!

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